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My alma mater has a nice interview with me up on their blog.

Meet: Beth Plutchak, ’84
Beth Plutchak
Beth  Plutchak
November 8, 2010
by uweconomics

The ECDO profiles alumni to give students an idea of career options with an economics major and provide more information on our alumni. Click here for all alumni profiles.

UW Degree and Year: Bachelor of Arts in Economics 1984

Current Position: Principal and Founder of Beth Plutchak Consulting, LLC in Prairie du Sac, WI

Job Description

I’m a business and economic development consultant. I do trend analysis, customer and competitor analysis, and other data driven research projects for individual businesses, municipalities and economic development agencies. A current project is an economic gardening project in partnership with Sauk County Development Corporation. Here is the press releasedescribing the project. I also write Science Fiction with a decidedly economic bent. I am currently working on a near future, economic thriller. Because you know, as well as I do, that the last economic bubble has not burst.

Why did you pursue this career?

I decided to become an economist when I was in high school. I had been through a career goal setting workshop and was trying to think about what I wanted to do and a phrase just popped into my head. I wanted to be a socio-economist. I had no idea if there even was such a thing. But, to me it was apparent that economics drove everything else and if you really wanted to understand why people behave the way they do you have to start with their economic circumstances and the economic climate  more

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