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Data Analysis in Banking

CASE STUDY Business Need: The bank needed to assess how well it served the needs of customers in all segments of the community in which it was located. It also … Continue reading

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2013 Mid-Year Economic Outlook

Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to Dun and Bradstreet’s Mid-Year Economic Outlook. Here are the highlights: Emerging Markets are still extremely important to world Economic health. Growth in … Continue reading

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What Would Your Business Do With Information Your Competitors Don’t Have?

CASE STUDY: MANUFACTURING Business Need: The Company needed to expand and to find new markets for its products. It is a third tier job shop manufacturer which provides custom tool … Continue reading

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Why did I name my blog All Else is Never Constant?

  I got my degree in economics but, I did very poorly in intro to econ classes. The way intro macro and micro are taught is to compare two variables … Continue reading

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Five Steps to Creating Your Own Luck

1. Surround yourself with positive people. 2. Dream big. 3. Never stop learning. 4. Don’t be afraid to act. 5. Let yourself make mistakes. We are all in this together.

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Manufacturing and the Skilled Worker Shortage

I grew up in a paper mill town. Three times a day the shift whistle blew. Everybody I knew kept time by it. The rhythm of my growing up echoed … Continue reading

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What Dad Taught Me About Customer Service

I’ve been thinking about Dad. July 2nd would have been his birthday. Dad was a small town auto mechanic. When he was hired away midcareer from the dealership he had … Continue reading

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