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2013 Mid-Year Economic Outlook

Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to Dun and Bradstreet’s Mid-Year Economic Outlook. Here are the highlights: Emerging Markets are still extremely important to world Economic health. Growth in … Continue reading

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What Would Your Business Do With Information Your Competitors Don’t Have?

CASE STUDY: MANUFACTURING Business Need: The Company needed to expand and to find new markets for its products. It is a third tier job shop manufacturer which provides custom tool … Continue reading

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Why did I name my blog All Else is Never Constant?

  I got my degree in economics but, I did very poorly in intro to econ classes. The way intro macro and micro are taught is to compare two variables … Continue reading

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The Relation Between Business Growth and Job Growth

Sometimes it seems like a vicious cycle, we need job growth to increase consumer spending, to convince companies that growth will pay off, so they will add jobs, which will … Continue reading

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Productivity, Job Growth and Recovery

Graph of the Week Mark Thoma at Economist’s View has an interesting post on where we are in the recovery and the impact of a jobless recovery on economic growth.  We … Continue reading

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About the Principal

My alma mater has a nice interview with me up on their blog. Meet: Beth Plutchak, ’84 November 8, 2010 tags: Alumni Profile by uweconomics The ECDO profiles alumni to give … Continue reading

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New Strategies

I have become increasingly convinced that the old strategies for economic revitalization simply do not work. Everytime I read a story about how much money is spent per job to … Continue reading

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