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The Relation Between Business Growth and Job Growth

Sometimes it seems like a vicious cycle, we need job growth to increase consumer spending, to convince companies that growth will pay off, so they will add jobs, which will … Continue reading

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Productivity, Job Growth and Recovery

Graph of the Week Mark Thoma at Economist’s View has an interesting post on where we are in the recovery and the impact of a jobless recovery on economic growth.  We … Continue reading

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Can Economic Gardening Really Work in Rural Areas?

…or will it take a huge influx of cash to fund the program? cross-posted to Reimagine Rural Mike Knutson of Reimagine Rural recently asked my partner Sue Gleason of SyzyGy50 … Continue reading

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Innovation, Economic Gardening and Small Business

Economic Gardening Key Concepts Innovation is one of the key concepts behind the technical assistance associated with Economic Gardening Programs. Here’s a neat little picture to explain why innovation is … Continue reading

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SCDC Economic Gardening Pilot

The Sauk County Development Corporation Economic Gardening Pilot study results are now available here. Share:  

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About the Principal

My alma mater has a nice interview with me up on their blog. Meet: Beth Plutchak, ’84 November 8, 2010 tags: Alumni Profile by uweconomics The ECDO profiles alumni to give … Continue reading

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Economic Gardening on the fly

For the past two months I have been working with Sauk County Economic Development Corporation and Sue Gleason at SyzyGy50 on an Economic Gardening Pilot Program for businesses in Sauk County. … Continue reading

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