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What Would Your Business Do With Information Your Competitors Don’t Have?

CASE STUDY: MANUFACTURING Business Need: The Company needed to expand and to find new markets for its products. It is a third tier job shop manufacturer which provides custom tool … Continue reading

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Why did I name my blog All Else is Never Constant?

  I got my degree in economics but, I did very poorly in intro to econ classes. The way intro macro and micro are taught is to compare two variables … Continue reading

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Why I Hate to Plan

There’s something wonderful about a blank screen or a blank piece of paper. Before you put one word down anything is possible. You relax a little bit, your mind racing … Continue reading

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Everything I Know About Persistence I Learned From Captain Kirk

I hated Star Trek when I was a kid. My best friend was its biggest fan. We were the two geekiest kids in our neighborhood. We grew up together acting … Continue reading

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What Dad Taught Me About Customer Service

I’ve been thinking about Dad. July 2nd would have been his birthday. Dad was a small town auto mechanic. When he was hired away midcareer from the dealership he had … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Survey Monkey

It’s not just Survey Monkey, it’s all of those web-based survey tools. They make it so easy to gather misinformation. There’s an old saying that goes like this – There … Continue reading

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Differentiate Your Small Business

  I recently attended a presentation by one of the former owners of the Penda Bedliner Company. Now, in order for you to understand his story you need to understand the meaning … Continue reading

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