Entrepreneurs Focus on Results

Part Two in an Ongoing Series on Entrepreneurship

Focus is the Key

I love the big idea. I love analyzing companies to see what makes them tick. You can tell a lot about a company by a simple drive-by. Location choice is very informative. They may be located in a cluster of like businesses. They may have made that choice because they are in an industry that benefits from clusters or they may be there because of local zoning rules. General area demographics and transportation patterns say a lot about both overhead costs and access to markets and suppliers. This is my passion. I’d do this for fun. I do do this for fun. Take a road trip with me someday. I love to take the long way through the industrial park and do snapshot analyses of companies that I might never do business with.

It makes sense to take my skills, my training and my passion and form my own business. And then comes the day to day. Now I have to get out there and start telling my story – over and over and over again, and pretty soon OMG I’m starting to bore me. I am not a detail person. So, what can I do as a sole proprietor to improve my implementation? Remember, ideas are easy it’s implementation that’s hard.

The 99 Percent

  1. I recently ran across a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs make this breakthrough. Scott Belsky the Founder of Bëhance and The 99 Percent took to heart the Thomas Edison quote “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” and built his company on helping entrepreneurs get a handle on the 99% part of this equation. I’ve been having a good time working my way through all of the free tips and videos available on the site, but there is one in particular I want to share with you.  

Building the Team You Need

Another thing that helps me to focus on both results and my personal strengths is to build the right collaborations. One of my partners Sue Gleason, uses Myers-Briggs® analysis and other tools to help companies form teams that use the strengths of differing personality types. A break-down Kiersey Sorter personality types is the following, which is provided by Dr. David M. Kiersey:

The Four Temperaments

  • As Concrete Cooperators, Guardians speak mostly of their duties and responsibilities, of what they can keep an eye on and take good care of, and they’re careful to obey the laws, follow the rules, and respect the rights of others.
  • As Abstract Cooperators, Idealists speak mostly of what they hope for and imagine might be possible for people, and they want to act in good conscience, always trying to reach their goals without compromising their personal code of ethics.
  • As Concrete Utilitarians, Artisans speak mostly about what they see right in front of them, about what they can get their hands on, and they will do whatever works, whatever gives them a quick, effective payoff, even if they have to bend the rules.
  • As Abstract Utilitarians, Rationals speak mostly of what new problems intrigue them and what new solutions they envision, and always pragmatic, they act as efficiently as possible to achieve their objectives, ignoring arbitrary rules and conventions if need be.

I am a rational and need to surround myself with collaborators who have the characteristics that I don’t have. That way I can concentrate on building on my strengths and let my collaborative partners bring their strengths to the table.

I have also been using some of the time management tips available at The 99 Percent, to break my tasks into small parts and stick with them. It is hard not to be distracted by the shiny and to accept small changes as a way to the big changes I see ahead.

What strategies do you use to keep yourself from being distracted and moving to your goal?


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